November 30th is the sixth international “Blue Beanie Day“, a day when Jeffrey Zeldman encourages web professionals all over the world to don the iconic blue beanie to show their support for web standards.

I keep a copy of Zeldman’s “Designing With Web Standards” book on my book shelf and I hope you do too.

I’m proud to say that one of the headline speakers at the very first edUi in 2009 was Molly Holzschlag, delivering the talk New Insights in Web Standards. And just last year we had the King of Web Standards (the guy this whole blue beanie thing is built around), Jeffrey Zeldman as our keynote speaker.

Here are some web standards related resources from the edUi archive for you.

Jeffrey Zeldman – Content First

Slides: Content First (pdf)

Christopher Schmitt – HTML5 Does All That?

Joseph Gilbert – Core Concepts for HTML & CSS

Slides: Core Concepts for HTML and CSS (pdf)

Denise Jacobs – CSS3 Moving Forward While Looking Back

Sildes: CSS3 Moving Forward While Looking Back (pdf)