Help make edUi 2016 Great

Join the lineup of rabble-rousers and doers to help make this year’s conference program great. All you need is an idea, a story, or a little expertise and the desire to share it with your web colleagues working in higher ed, libraries, and museums.

Submit a proposal for a talk, mini-workshop, expert panel, public square discussion, or half-day workshop.

  • Everyone who submits a proposal gets a 10% discount on their registration.
  • Accepted speakers will receive a complimentary registration.
  • Accepted half-day workshop proposals will receive a $1200 speaking fee and a complimentary registration. (Limit one speaking fee and two complimentary registrations per workshop.)

Proposal deadline: April 18

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Session Types

Drop some knowledge on your fellow attendees. Just you, a projector, a screen and 45 minutes of mind-blowing knowledge bombs. Concluding with a mic drop is optional. (1-2 speakers)

Mini Workshop
Put on your safety goggles because you and your fellow attendees are going to roll up your sleeves and get dirty with some interactive exercises. You’ll have 90 minutes to dive deep into the “how to” of your topic of choice. (1-2 speakers)

Expert Panel
Assemble your very own Justice League of Superheroes and prepare to fight for web standards, accessibility, better redesign, or any other digital crusade. It’s all fair game in these 45 minute panel discussions. (3-4 speakers)

Public Square
King Arthur’s Round Table had nothing on our Public Square. Step into the square and lead a 30 minute conversation with a room full of attendees who share your passion. (1 speaker)

Half-Day Workshop
Put on your scuba gear and prepare to lead your attendees on a deep dive into your topic of choice. Your 3-hour tour will include multiple hands-on activities that get attendees actively engaged in your topic. (1-2 speakers)

Why Present at edUi?

  • You’ve got knowledge to share.
  • You want to help your peers make the web a better place.
  • It’ll look great on your resume (and bolster your Lanyrd profile).
  • Discounts, free registrations, speaking honoraria… the good stuff (see above).

What We Want

edUi seeks energetic, engaging speakers with knowledge to share and a lot of passion. Anything related to user interface and user experience as applied to higher education, libraries, and museums is welcome. If you’re from the private sector, that’s OK, we need your help too! Just be prepared to relate your presentation to our crowd.

Preference is given to presentations that offer practical methods and ready-to-use techniques and tools. You can look at our programs from the past couple years for inspiration (2015, 20142013) or come up with something so totally fresh, mind-blowing, and new that we can’t possibly imagine this year’s conference without it.