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edUi Conference

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Richmond, Virginia

Help Make edUi 2014 Awesome

Planning for edUi 2014 is well underway and we’d like your help crafting the conference program. We’re interested in hearing from previous attendees as well as those who haven’t joined us in person yet. Couldn’t attend because of scheduling conflicts? Travel distance? No hard feelings; your input helps us increase … Continue reading »

edUi in Sketchnotes

Rebecca Blakiston shares her experiences at edUi 2013 through her sketchnotes. Sketchnoting is a way to capture ideas visually that helps you capture concepts and ideas rather than just words. Continue reading »

Where You Are

I’m always fascinated by where our attendees come from and I thought it might be worth sharing with you too. It’s not surprising to see so many folks clustered around the mid-Atlantic. But it’s really amazing to see how far some of you traveled. A few of our longest distant … Continue reading »

What is UX Anyway?

This video from Matthew Magain at UX Mastery is brilliant! He explains not only what UX Design is, but also why you should learn more about it, regardless of your job title.

5 Redesign Tips from the Virginia Historical Society

In May 2012, we at the Virginia Historical Society (VHS) began a journey to redesign our website. The past website served its purpose for more than ten years, but was beginning to show signs of its age. Many people described our past site as small, confusing, and beige. Beige? Hmmm, that doesn’t sound good. Continue reading »

No, I am Not a Web Designer!

Despite being hired as a “Web Designer”, I knew that my tasks would be manifold when I started working for the university. Job titles in higher education are often more of a formality. It was interesting to see how others perceived my work. Coworkers approached me after sending out a survey, asking: “Why do you do user tests? I thought you just design the website?!” I tried to explain... Continue reading »

Mobile for Dinosaurs

Jeff Parks from Follow the UX Leader has a conversation with Warren Craghead about how to develop a mobile strategy for dinosaur (large, established, institutional) web sites with a small team and limited technical resources. Warren Craghead Warren Craghead has worked for the past 17 years as a designer and … Continue reading »