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edUi Conference

November 9 - 11

Charlottesville, Virginia

Feedback during the Web Design Process

Why is getting useful feedback so difficult? What are the root issues? Why do clients and designers become frustrated as they consider options and try to arrive at a final design? Susan T. Evans provides some insight into making your feedback loop more meaningful. Continue reading »

What Is A Broken Experience?

After you’ve worked incredibly hard designing a fantastic user experience, the last thing you want is for that experience to be wrecked by a technical error. The answer is to design broken experiences that delight rather than alienate users. Continue reading »

10 Technologies That Were Supposed to Change Education Forever

Here in the second decade of the 21st century, it seems the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is the education tech of tomorrow. Today we take a look back at 10 technologies that were supposed to radically change the way that people are educated around the world. Some innovations were mostly hype. Others had an undeniably meaningful impact. Continue reading »
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