Presented by Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

edUi 2011

October 13-14

Richmond, Virginia

Kicking Off Your Content Strategy

Thur. Oct. 13 | 1:45 - 5:00

Track: Web 101

Are you ready to dig into content strategy? Let’s gain some practical, hands-on experience together. Take a few sample organizations through the paces in a website redesign engagement. First, we’ll discuss how to prioritize communication goals and develop a message architecture with a hands-on exercise—ideal whether you’re designing for the … Continue reading »

Progressive Prototyping

Thur. Oct. 13 | 1:45 - 5:00

Track: Toolbox

Spend half-a-day with designers Todd Zaki Warfel and Matt Ventre in this hands-on action-packed workshop. They’ll ease you into prototyping with some handy tricks for paper prototyping dynamic interactions like progressive reveal and just about any interaction you can dream up. Then they’ll kick it up a notch and show … Continue reading »

Designing Mobile Experiences

Thur. Oct. 13 | 1:45 - 5:00

Track: Problem Solved

Great mobile design doesn’t start in Photoshop, it starts by understanding the users, the goals, the intended devices and a million other tiny variables. Who better to solve these problems than the designer? In this workshop led by Brian Fling, author of O’Reilly’s Mobile Design and Development, we will deconstruct … Continue reading »

Practical HTML5

Thur. Oct. 13 | 1:45 - 5:00

Track: The Edge

Even though the specification is still being written, HTML5 can be implemented for your website today. This workshop is focused on real world solutions; attendees will learn about the new HTML elements and their semantics, HTML5 form elements, incorporating audio and video without Flash, new JavaScript APIs like geolocation, and … Continue reading »