Michael Gough is Adobe’s Vice President of Experience Design. He is also the leader of Adobe’s Experience Design Team (XD), an internal design practice focusing on the next generation of digitally enabled experiences.

A longtime advocate for quality in all digital experiences, Michael has been pushing the digital envelope for years.

At edUi, Michael will talk to you about the pursuit of elegance and why chasing problems won’t get you there.

Just Two Weeks to Go!

In just two weeks edUi 2012 will take Richmond, VA by storm.

The conference will start with a plenary talk by Aneesh Chopra – the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States – on the future of technology, education and democracy.

It will close with four half-day workshops on topics including Lean UX, Responsive Design, Web Accessibility, and jQuery.

In between, there will be two and a half days of sessions on web design/development including keynotes by Jared Spool, Whitney Hess and Michael Gough.

All of this will be presented by and for web professionals working with colleges, universities, libraries and museums.

Tickets are just $550. Don’t miss it.

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