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edUi Conference

November 9 - 11

Charlottesville, Virginia


Abby Covert

The School of Visual Arts


Abby Covert is an independent information architect in New York City. She specializes in delivering a collaborative information architecture (IA) process and teaching those that she works with along the way.

She speaks and writes under the pseudonym “Abby the IA,” focusing on sharing information architecture content with those working within the design and technology communities. She is also the author of How to Make Sense of Any Mess, a book about information architecture for everybody.

Abby teaches IA at The School of Visual Arts and is also the current president of the Information Architecture Institute, a global non-profit membership organization focused on empowering IA leadership, currently serving members in 73 countries.


Denise Jacobs

The Creative Dose

Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs is a Speaker + Author who teaches techniques to make the creative process more fluid, methods for making work environments more conducive to creative productivity, and practices for sparking innovation. She is the Founder + Creativity Evangelist of The Creative Dose, a Creativity + Innovation Collective.

A tech industry veteran and web expert, Denise is the author of The CSS Detective Guide and co-author of the Smashing Book #3 1/3 and Interact with Web Standards. She is also the Chief Unicorn of Rawk The Web and the Head Instigator of The Creativity (R)Evolution.

At edUi 2015 Denise will be delivering the keynote Banish Your Inner Critic to Unleash Creativity.


Henrik Joreteg



Henrik Joreteg is lead JS developer at &yet, where he’s written scores of JS apps dozens of different ways. At &yet, he provides consulting and training on JavaScript and HTML5 applications.

Henrik has pioneered many techniques for building stateful JavaScript Applications, especially those with a realtime aspect. Most recently, he led development on the Ampersand.js framework that has seen rapid adoption among many prominent Backbone.js developers. He also created the SimpleWebRTC library,, is the author of the book “Human JavaScript”, and frequently speaks at JS events.

Having released over 100 JavaScript libraries, Henrik believes in open source and wants to help developers push the web to the next level.

You can follow him on Twitter at @HenrikJoreteg or keep an eye out for his posts on the &yet blog.

Henrik will be delivering a three-hour workshop at edUi 2015: Human JavaScript – Building Simple but Powerful JavaScript Apps.


Jon Gosier

TED Fellow


Jon Gosier is a 33 year-old inventor, data scientist and investor. He is a serial tech entrepreneur working at the intersection of big data and user experience.

As a Technologist and Data Scientist Jon has lead big data projects for the U.S. Government and various multi-national aid organizations. His technologies have been deployed by the U.S. Department of State, The U.S. Army, United Nations, Red Cross, FEMA, and The Government of Canada.

He founded MetaLayer, a big data startup and Appfrica which has helped multinational corporates do business and invest across Africa since 2008.

In 2015 Jon was listed as one of “The New Faces of Black Leadership” by TIME Magazine. He has also received similar honors from Black Enterprise Magazine, Business Insider, IDEO and The Economist. He is a TED Senior Fellow alum and a graduate of the THNK School for Creative Leadership.

His 2014 TED Talk on “Trickle-Down Techonomics” explored the unexpected consequences of technical innovation and the responsibility of engineers to adopt more thoughtful practices.

At edUi 2015 Jon Gosier will be delivering an expanded version of his Trickle-Down Techonomics TED Talk for our opening plenary.

Melissa Beaver



Melissa is Director of User Experience at NewCity. She loves peeling apart complex user interactions and uncovering unexpected nuances in the way they use technology. She came to the UX field by way of graduate studies in information science, human computer interaction, French, and musicology at Indiana University Bloomington, where she became fascinated in how music evolves structurally in response to cultural change.

She’s given up the grad school caffeine habit (sort of), but still loves poring over data to discover patterns in complex information systems (like websites). Plus she can slay a forlane by Maurice Ravel at dinner parties.


Philip Ribbens



As NewCity’s Analytics Specialist, Philip Ribbens pores over the most intricate tracking details and spits out statistics that not only turn all those numbers into something useful, but tell you exactly what to do to craft an effective web experience.

With a B.S. in computer and information science from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, and a concentration in business information systems, Philip is a stats guy at heart.

Philip devotes much of his free time applying those mad numbers skills to his other love: basketball. He analyzes the sport as a player, spectator, and from the sidelines as a volunteer for a local boys’ basketball team.


Rachel DeLauder



Rachel is NewCity’s resident wordsmith, who lives for distilling messages down to their most essential core. A word nerd at heart, she swoons over perfectly crafted copy and looks at communication challenges as just an opportunity to make the world a more logical, legible place.

Rachel specializes in taking piles of dusty, disorganized content and churning out laser-cut messages that serve a distinct purpose. She loves digging through existing content to uncover the defining pieces that make a client unique, then working with designers to tell the story.

She came to NewCity after seven years working with Virginia Tech’s Division of Student Affairs, where she managed publications and media relations for an in-house marketing team. She also has a BA in English and an MA in communication from Virginia Tech (making her a Hokie fan thrice over).

Rachel likes playing outdoors and exploring the twisty backroads of Virginia in her boyfriend’s race car. She can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the genre-bending genius of political entertainment news programs and their importance in the 2008 presidential election.


Val Head


Val Head is a designer based in lovely Pittsburgh, PA. Her work ranges from projects on the web to interactive installations to print. She is the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations, teaches CSS Animations on, and hosts the All The Right Moves tutorial screencast.

You can find her on stage speaking at events like An Event Apart and encouraging others to do the same as the co-host of the Ladies in Tech podcast. She also founded the popular Web Design Day conference, and leads workshops around the world on Interface animation for the web.

Val will be leading a half day workshop at edUi 2015 called Taking Interface Animation from Good to Great.